Ice Silk UV Protection Hooded Windbreaker Jacket

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4 based on 4 Customer Reviews
  • By Stella
    It has a slightly oversized hood which is fantastic for sun coverage. Its light weight, stretchy and flattering.
  • By Alicy
    I work outside and hate needing to re-apply sunscreen over a layer of dirt that’s accumulated (greenhouse life). This is SUPER breathable, lightweight, and effective. No insulation- which makes it ideal for hot weather.
  • By Jane
    This is lightweight and cool, and I think the sun protection is fine. I tend to use this when walking in the woods. I put this over whatever I wear, tie my hair up, and put the hood on.
  • By Bella
    Does a great job for sun protection, in Arizona sun I could feel a cool breeze while wearing this. I didn't burn. Comfortable and stretchy, big pockets and large hood.